The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

Genre: Contemporary/Dark Romance

Page Count : 384

Rating : 4/5

Elena is known to all as Sweet Abelli, the perfect daughter of a New York mafia boss who smiles when she’s supposed to and always puts her families reputation first. It has always been a fact of life that Elena and her sister would be married to men of their father’s choosing and Elena has never questioned this. Never, until she meets Nicholas Russo :  Made Man, head of a rival Mafia family and her future brother-in-law. She hates him right from the start. 

So I picked this up on a whim after seeing a couple of recommendations for it, with no clue what I was walking into having never read a mafia romance before but holy hell friends, the tension. 

This book literally had me on the edge of my seat because the chemistry between Elena and Nico was off the charts and Danielle Lori just about killed me off with all of the sexual tension that was built up between the two of them. 

It wasn’t simply all about the romance though as I also loved the side characters in this book. The Abelli’s are a stereotypically crazy family and all of their interactions were perfect. The constant bickering between Elena’s mother and her Grandmother never failed to make me laugh. I did enjoy the whole criminal/mafia setting as well which I wasn’t sure about going in. It was a gritty, violent read at times with things likely to take a turn at any given moment but I thought it fed the story and Nico’s character in particular really well. 

Obviously this is a Mafia Romance and its on the dark and steamy side so if that’s not your thing then that’s ok, maybe give it a miss. BUT if you do like a bit of a slow burn forbidden romance with a whole heaping of chemistry, don’t skip out on this one. It’s 100% worth a read. 

Have you read this or more importantly the next book in the series? Let me know because the next book is about a character I didn’t quite like in this book so I’m not sure whether to pick it up or not!

See you in the next one,

Jen x

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